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 The journal Acta Poloniae Historica was founded in 1958 by the eminent historian Marian Małowist on the wave of the political thaw. On the one hand, it aimed to popularise the achievements of Polish historians in the West, and on the other – to create a platform for the exchange of ideas between Polish and foreign researchers. What was conducive to this was the initial trilingualism of the journal – materials were published in French, German, and English, with the editorial page and the titles of the columns being given exclusively in French (from issue 70/1994 in English). Currently, English is the official language of the journal.

Acta Poloniae Historica was published with varying frequency, from one to three times a year, and it did not become a semi-annual until the issue 21/1970.

For 63 years of publishing APH, the editorial and scientific committee included the most eminent representatives of Polish historical sciences, among others: Stanisław Arnold, Iza Bieżuńska-Małowist, Aleksander Gieysztor, Stefan Kieniewicz, Jerzy Kłoczowski, Witold Kula, Bogusław Leśnodorski, Marian Małowist, Tadeusz Manteuffel, Antoni Mączak, Roman Wapiński, Andrzej Wyczański, Janusz Żarnowski. The post of editorial secretary was held, i.a. by Bronisław Geremek, Krystyna Kersten, and Henryk Samsonowicz.

Marian Małowist (no. 1/1958 – no. 27/1973)
Tadeusz Łepkowski (no. 28/1973 – no. 31/1975)
Jan Baszkiewicz (no. 32/1975 – no. 38/1978)
Maria Bogucka (no. 39/1979 – no. 99/2009)
Halina Manikowska (no. 100/2010 – no. 110/2014)
Maciej Górny (no. 111/2015 – no. 119/2019)
Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov (since no. 120/2019)


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