Volume 124


The Polish-Bolshevik War, 1919-21

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p007 0 00 01Tomasz Sikorski and Adam Wątor, Paris–Rome–London. Information and Propaganda Campaign for the Polish Question prior to the Great War (1907–14)

p007 0 00 01Aleksandra J. Leinwand, Why During the Polish-Bolshevik War Did Soviet Propaganda Discourse Dominate European Public Opinion?

p007 0 00 01Christhardt Henschel, The Polish Army Ghetto: The Internship of Jewish Soldiers in Jabłonna in 1920

p007 0 00 01Łukasz Mieszkowski, ‘In a Mere Shirt and Capless’: The Uniform Crisis of the Polish Army During the Polish-Ukrainian-Bolshevik War 1918–21

p007 0 00 01Karina Pryt, Polish-Soviet War in Film and Cinema: A New Perspective Based on the Films For You, O Poland (1920) and Miracle on the Vistula (1921)



p007 0 00 01Antoni Grabowski, Old Tales for a New Gens. Alberic of Trois-Fontaines’ Grafting of History

p007 0 00 01Lukáš Fasora, The Relationship between the State and Universities in the Czech Lands 1849–1939


p007 0 00 01Elżbieta Nowosielska, Serialised Novels in the Polish Emigré Press in the USA, 1881–1918



p007 0 00 01‘Monuments Longer Lasting than Brass’? Recollection of Funerary Texts and Their Female Heroes: Edition of Fragments from the Resources of the Archives of the Museum of Distinguished Polish Women in Lviv, 1929–1939, ed. by Iwona Dadej and Anna Nowakowska-Wierzchoś


p007 0 00 01Saskia Metan, Wissen über das östliche Europa im Transfer. Edition, Übersetzung und Rezeption des “Tractatus de duabus Sarmatiis” (1517) – Anna Horeczy


Catherine Brice (ed.), Exile and the Circulation of Political Practices – Piotr Kuligowski

Vedran Duančić, Geography and Nationalist Visions of Interwar Yugoslavia – Maciej Górny

Ewelina Drzewiecka, Юбилейно и модерно. Кирило-методиевският разказ през социализма в България – Svetlana Vassileva-Karagyozova


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p007 0 00 01The Year 1920 in Poland and Europe’ – an international conference of the Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin (Berlin, 7–9 October 2020) – Joanna Hytrek-Hryciuk



p007 0 00 01Maria Bogucka (1 June 1929 – 27 October 2020) – Andrzej Karpiński




p007 0 00 01A Response to Urszula Augustyniak’s Review of My Book Sarmatismus. Die Politische Ideologie des Polnischen Adels im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert in APH 121/2020 – Martin Faber

p007 0 00 01A Response to Martin Faber’s Polemic with the Review of His Book Sarmatismus. Die Politische Ideologie des Polnischen Adels im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert, Wiesbaden, 2018, Harrassowitz Verlag – Urszula Augustyniak

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