Acta Poloniae Historica, vol. 123

Call for Articles

Issue 123 of the Acta Poloniae Historica is dedicated to the memory of Professor Jerzy W. Borejsza (1935–2019), an outstanding historian whose focus was the history of the nineteenth century and the history of totalitarian systems in twentieth-century Europe. Born in Poland and associated during his career with a number of Polish scientific institutions––Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences [IH PAN] being his longest experience––Borejsza was, intellectually, a truly ‘European’ historian. His texts were in a permanent dialogue with contemporary European historiography. He has authored studies, now classical, analysing the role and activities of Polish political emigration in nineteenth-century Europe and the broadly understood ‘Polish question’ in that period, along with works showing the development and various aspects of fascism and Nazism. His books and articles have been published in German, Italian, Russian, French, and English translations.

A historian’s work lives and bears fruit as long as his or her studies are read and referred to. Therefore it seems to us that a comprehensive evaluation of J.W. Borejsza’s historiographic output is worthwhile. We are waiting for your proposals of articles taking up a thread from his creative output, elaborating on a thought proposed by him or creatively polemicising with it. The chronological scope of the texts concerned is the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Proposals taking account of any of the themes specified below are especially welcome (but are not limited to):

-- participation/contributions of Poles in/to the political, social, cultural life of European countries (incl. Russia) in the nineteenth century;

-- the Crimean War and modernity;

-- the Communards––anarchists/Marxists;

-- Polish socialism: people, the idea, the movement;

-- Poles in the Third International (Comintern) and in other pan-European political organisations;

-- the influence of fascism and Nazism on local varieties of authoritarianism and totalitarianism in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe;

-- the social consequences of armed conflicts, such as the January Uprising 1863–4, the Crimean War, the First/Second World War.

Please send us the abstract of your proposed article, in Polish or in English, by 30th June 2020, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The final versions of the articles whose abstracts have been accepted are expected to be received by 30th September 2020. All the articles will be subject to a double-blind peer review process. The submissions should be 40,000 characters maximum, including the abstract and bibliography/references (up to ten items).