Article Submission

Articles and reviews are encouraged

You are kindly requested to refer any questions to the APH Editorial Board, correspondence, including suggested articles and/or books for review, to: ‘Acta Poloniae Historica, Instytut Historii PAN, Rynek Starego Miasta 29/31, 00-272 Warszawa (Warsaw, Poland)’ (for snail mail), or email the same to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Electronic mailing is the preferred mode of sending suggestions for articles and, especially, the text of articles as such. Just attach a Word-formatted file with your article(s) to your emailed message.
PDF-formatted files will not be accepted. Please be sure to attach your email address to the file.
A single article text (in Polish or in English) ought not to exceed 75,000 characters (spaces incl.), inclusive of any footnotes, tables, and/or maps. A research paper should include author information: name and surname, title, place of work, e-mail address. Academics are asked to indicate their parent school. At the beginning of the text there should be an abstract and 3-5 keywords. None of them should repeat the title of the manuscript.  An abstract should not exceed 200-250 words in length. It should be a factual summary of the contents and conclusions of the paper, refer to new information that is being presented, and indicate its relevance. The abstract should not be an introduction to the paper or an outline of it with each section being reduced into a sentence. At the end of the text please attach the bibliography with primary sources and main literature.
An article proposed for publication in APH must be the author’s original work, not published and not assigned for publication elsewhere (save for works published in Polish, in certain cases). In case an article comprises illustrations, maps, tables, or (a) section(s) of the text previously published, the author shall be obligated to obtain the consent from the copyright holder for publication with APH.
All the texts approved for publication with APH are subject to editorial study and processing. Please carefully study the APH Editorial Guidelines before you send us the text of your article.